For a limited time

Consultants at Clark University are offering a FREE 2-session Parent Check-In as part of a research study. Participants receive $100 or more just for participating. The Check-In is available to any parent or guardian of an 8-12-year-old who would like to get the most out of his/her parenting experience and find out if he/she is getting stuck in any common, tricky parenting situations.

  •  Discuss parenting questions and challenges one-on-one with a parenting consultant.
  •  Receive personalized feedback and recommendations based on the latest research findings.
  •  Parents can decide for themselves how to apply the results.

However you’re feeling as a parent, the Parent Check-In will give you the resources to strengthen your relationship with your child.

SEE FLYER: english-parent-check-in-flyer-7-21-2016-pdf