The Fred Harris Daniels Foundation-We couldn’t do it without you!

For the past seven years the IIGA has received critical support from the Fred Harris Daniels Foundation through their strategic grants program.  With a shared commitment to girls aged 10-14 we have accomplished a lot together (link to accomplishments?)

The breadth of Daniel’s support makes our partnership unique; not only do they provide financial resources; they are active partners in the work.

We thank Fred Harris Daniels II for his enthusiastic participation in the Alliance.   He embodies Fred Harris Daniels I adage from 1921; “when you work, put your entire strength and energy into this work.”

Meridith with IIGA Tri-Chairs, Victoria Waterman, Linda Cavaioli and  Pattie Hallberg at the 2016 IIGA Statewide Gathering on Girls. 

Meridith Wesby has been our stalwart champion, always speaking up for the need for gender specific and gender responsive strategies and approaches to address the needs of girls, specifically in Worcester and more generally across the globe.

And, as a member of the Daniels family, Meridith has been involved in Worcester all her life.  From early recognition as an outstanding Young Leader of Worcester to her receipt of the Alexis de Tocqueville Award at the Annual Meeting of the United Way of Central MA, Meridith’s accomplishments and commitment to her community are as perennial as the gardens she so competently and lovingly nurtures.

Meridith co-founded the Women’s Initiative and initiated middle school aged girls as key focus for Daniels Foundation strategic funding.   It’s very fair to say; we simply couldn’t do much of what we do without Meridith’s leadership, smarts and commitment.

We appreciate our fiscal agent; the United Way of Central MA, represented in the Alliance by Kerry Conaghan. Kerry is also a member of the Women’s Initiative.

IIGA sends a HUGE thank you to Big Y Supermarket on May Street in Worcester for supporting our work! We will put it to good use ensuring our middle school aged girls in Greater Worcester grow up healthy, safe and ready to fully contribute to their community.